This is Twenty Seventeen

Posted on January 24, 2017 by Photography by Davina under January 2017

So January is that time of year when I sit back, put my feet up and look to the year ahead and see what I can do to add to my portfolio. Newborns…(After all, I do weddings, graduations, family portraits, schools, nurseries, so why not???)
Well let me tell you that over the past couple of weeks I have been practising photographing newborn babies and WOW what an experience!
So newborns look better photographed asleep…perfect…keep baby up for two hours before the shoot…make the room all warm and cosy…feed…change nappy…rock to sleep…easy? NO, NO, NO…I go to move the baby and it WAKES UP!
Anyway I know it’ll happen and will all fall into place with the more babies I photograph.
So here are a couple of my fav shots:


Next month: Giving up on ‘Newborns’ (no not really!). Just keep trying…

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